Stay up-to-date with Kartapult’s Automation Analytics that provides real-time data to help you uncover new insights from different ad platforms so that you can focus your time and energy on scaling your business rather than creating manual reports for cross-platform analysis.
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Visualize, analyze, and measure what matters with Kartapult's comprehensive dashboard for Facebook ads, Google ads and Amazon Ads. Analyze trends for different funnel and channel types, compare past performance, and share significant insights with team members and stakeholders in just one click for decision-making.

Revolutionize your advertising journey with unparalleled marketing automation analytics
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Instant Visualization

Get a clear and concise visual representation of your ad performance with diverse elements on the dashboards, enabling easy analysis and understanding of key metrics

Holistic Analysis

Analyze trends across various funnel and channel types and enhance your advertising efforts by comparing past performance data to identify areas that need attention

Efficient Collaboration

Share significant insights with team members and stakeholders with just one click, which saves time and facilitates data-driven decision-making without much effort

Enhanced Marketing Strategies

With Data Analytics Automation gain a deep insight into your advertising effectiveness, refine your understanding and enhance your marketing strategies for better results
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Smart Reports

Kartapult Reporting Automation gives you an inclusive view of your marketing performance across Meta Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Amazon Ads. With easy-to-read smart, custom, and WhatsApp reports, you can quickly collaborate with your team, identify trends, spot opportunities, and measure ROI.
Take your performance marketing to the next level with insightful business reports.

Cross-platform reporting

With Automated Report Generation see all your marketing data in one place, without having to switch between platforms to get the insights you need

Insights on trends

Identify uptrends and downtrends, and spot opportunities swiftly to make timely adjustments and optimizations to your marketing strategies

Compare timelines

Compare data from two different time periods side-by-side, to see which audiences respond well and how you can further improve performance

Easy sharing

Easily download reports as a well-formatted Excel file and share them with clients, team members, or stakeholders with just one click

Our reports help you to deep dive in your data


Ad Platform Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your ad campaigns with our all-in-one platform report. Get comprehensive data and insights for all your ad platforms in one convenient place.

Shopping Funnel & Website Performance Analysis

Gain valuable insights into your website's performance and optimize your shopping funnel for maximum conversions.

Target vs Achieved Analysis

Don't just aim for success, achieve it! Our target vs achieved report provides comprehensive data analysis, so you can track and optimize your progress towards your goals.

Campaign & Adset Analysis

Take your campaigns to the next level with our Facebook Ads and Google Ads report. Get comprehensive data and insights to optimize your ad spend and maximize ROI.

Creative Analysis

Find the winning formula for your ad creatives with our comprehensive report. Analyze different creatives to see what resonates with your audience and drives the most conversions.

Offer Analysis

Boost your sales and ROI with our offer analysis report. Analyze which offers and promotions drive the most engagement and revenue for your business.

Unlock the power of performance marketing

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