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The Problem: Spreadsheet Mayhem and Syncing Nightmares

Juggling multiple sheets, relying on team log-ins, and playing detective with data errors? It's a tale as old as time. Sometimes, data mysteriously vanishes or—let's face it—human errors creep in. Syncing numbers from various channels? A time-consuming labyrinth that leads to reporting nightmares. Sounds familiar?


Plans that fit your scale

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Try any plan for free.

No More Spreadsheet Mayhem 📊

Bid farewell to endless sheets and the chaos they bring. One View corrals your data into one sleek dashboard.

Syncing Made Simple 📈

Syncing numbers from different channels? Child's play now. Say hello to streamlined, error-free data presentation.

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Human-Error-Proof Insights

Human-Error-Proof Insights 🎯

Bye-bye, mistakes! One View eradicates human errors, giving you reliable, crystal-clear insights.

Effortless Reporting 📅

No more wasting hours assembling reports. One View crafts reports instantly, saving you time and headaches.

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Visualize Success, Erase Chaos 🖥️

From channel performance to website health, One View paints a clear picture without the data headache.

Still Not Convinced? Here's Why You Should Be

Efficiency, Guaranteed: Wave goodbye to human errors and time-consuming data sync-ups.
Crystal-Clear Insights: Navigate your ad world effortlessly with visuals that tell the whole story.
Streamlined Reporting: No more report assembly headaches—One View does it for you.

Experience the Magic - Hear What Others Say! 💬

"Kartapult's user-friendly interface allows me to quickly navigate through the different features and tools, and the real-time data and insights help me make informed decisions. I can easily see which ads are performing well and which ones need improvement, and Kartapult offers suggestions for optimization that are easy to implement."

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Kundan Kumar

Tidy Sleep

"As a digital marketer, Kartapult has been a game-changer for me. It's intuitive interface, and robust analytics features have empowered our team to optimize our marketing campaigns like never before. With its wide range of metrics and KPIs, real-time monitoring, and advanced analytics capabilities, we've been able to identify trends and opportunities for optimization. Highly recommended!"

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Aman Bansal


"Kartapult's audience cohorts have been particularly beneficial in helping us analyze and target the right audience pool, which has had a significant impact on improving our brand store's performance. What's more, Kartapult's team of experts is always available to provide guidance and support, ensuring that businesses can maximize their ad performance and achieve their marketing goals."

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Amit Gupta

Glam 21

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