Kartapult, a Marketing Automation Campaign Management platform effortlessly manages your ad assets and lets you take full control of your ad campaigns with ease and efficiency. See true outcomes without investing all day to manage ads.
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Ads Manager

Ads Manager simplifies  ads management and empowers you to achieve remarkable results. It is a user-friendly interface that makes navigating between campaigns, ad sets, and ads easy and customizes ad campaigns, allowing users to target specific audiences, set budgets, and track performance metrics all from one place.
Streamline your ad campaigns, track performance, and set your budget smartly to reach the right audience instantly.

Create from single platform

Whether it's a single image ad, a carousel ad, or a video ad, Ads Manager simplifies the creation process, allowing users to launch ads in bulk

Monitor assets

Real-time analytics allow users to quickly identify underperforming campaign or ad sets and adjust their bids and targeting as needed


Ads Manager makes it easy to change budget, delivery and messaging to suit specific business needs, ensuring that each campaign is tailored for optimal engagement and conversion

Time-Saving Automation

Google and Facebook ad Campaign Management saves time and effort on manual tasks and allows you to focus on strategic marketing initiatives

Audience Launcher

In performance marketing, we understand the value of targeting the right audience for your Marketing Campaigns. At Kartapult, we take audience targeting to the next level with industry and funnel-specific audience cohorts. So, whether you're looking to target a specific industry vertical, reach a lookalike audience, or retarget potential customers, an audience launcher has got you covered.
Launch high-performing and funnel-specific audience cohorts in seconds.
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Industry Audiences

We have meticulously curated tried and tested cohorts of audiences that have shown great performance historically and have been smartly categorized by industry vertical specific to your business

Retargeting Audiences

Kartapult creates high-converting retargeting audiences by analyzing vast amounts of data and creating rules for targeting audiences based on behavior and engagement patterns

Lookalike Audiences

Easily create lookalike audiences from performing custom audiences. Using this data, Kartapult identifies similar audiences that are likely to engage and convert with the business, expanding the customer base and driving more conversions

Retention Audiences

Kartapult analyzes the behavior and engagement patterns to identify the most valuable customers and creates rules to target them. This helps businesses to retain their existing customers and drive more conversions

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