Kartapult is a smart E-commerce Marketing Automation platform that maximizes your ROAS with optimized ad campaigns, advanced AI intervention, and minimal manual effort helping you automate workflow and manage campaigns from a centralized dashboard.
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Smart Budget Allocator

Maximize your ROI with our ML-powered budget allocator that will recommend you to adjust your E-commerce advertising budgets based on campaign performance and reduce manual adjustments so that you save time and focus on other important things like strategy building, creative production, decision-making, etc.
Optimize your bandwidth and achieve effective ad response with efficient budget allocation.

Save time & effort

Save hours of manual work by automatically analyzing performance and adjusting your campaign budgets as per requirement

Maximize ROI

Optimizing your advertising budgets based on performance helps you get the best possible ROI for your overall advertising spend

Increase efficiency

With our smart budget allocator, you can focus on other important aspects of your business while our ML algorithm manages your advertising budgets

Improve performance

Our solution helps you identify underperforming campaigns and ad sets and re-allocates your budget to the ones that are delivering better results

Stop Loss and Revive

Stop Loss Strategy automatically pauses campaigns that are not performing well in a given timeframe, allowing you to reallocate your E-commerce ads budget to the campaigns that are delivering results. Whereas, Revive Strategy restarts campaigns in case there is delayed revenue attribution, ensuring that you don't miss out on potential revenue
Take control of your advertising campaigns and increase your ROI even when you are offline.
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Streamline Tasks 

With stop loss and revive, just define your conditions for cost per purchase and spending and Kartapult will take care of the rest.

Increase Efficiency

You are saved of the hassle of manually monitoring campaigns and pausing/starting underperforming/overperforming campaigns

Avoid Revenue Loss

The Revive Strategy ensures that you don't miss out on potential revenue by restarting campaigns that were paused too early

Boost ROI

Stop loss helps you optimize your advertising spend by pausing non-performing campaigns and reallocating your budget to the campaigns that are delivering results

Unlock the power of performance marketing

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