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Self-Serve assistance
Expand your customer reach and target audience cohorts effortlessly with a purpose-built E-commerce marketing automation platform that lets you take complete control of your Google, Meta and Amazon ad performance.
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Scale Your Business with High Flexibility

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Full Customization

From inception to execution, handle every aspect of your campaign with ease of Self-Serve. Your self-dependent team can now increase performance marketing efficiency and unlock remarkable results with great flexibility.

Smart Recommendation

Accelerate your workflow and boost Ad performance with data-backed insights, empowering you to take precise actions in a single click.
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Audience Insights

Identify your top-performing and underperforming audiences through in-depth analysis across your ad accounts. Discover the winning strategies and refine your targeting for better campaign performance.

Boost Conversion

Explore diverse funnel and channel trends, collaborate seamlessly with teams, and seize opportunities to elevate performance and empower your growth with analytics.
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Pay as you Progress

Our Self-Serve platform provides complete flexibility to allocate the budget as per your marketing needs. It is a cost-effective option for growing businesses to boost their social ads journey, allowing them to invest more in ads rather than costly agencies.

Expert Consultation

Connect with our experts for any advice, solutions, or assistance. Our certified professionals will help you with any part of your project and guide you to achieve your goals faster.
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Kartapult's Self-serve subscription is the best gateway to efficient and successful performance marketing management, especially for teams looking to take full control of campaigns with just a few clicks.

By choosing our self-serve assistance:

Manage all performance marketing campaigns of Facebook, Instagram, and Google from one platform
Eliminate guesswork and switch to data-driven decision making
Access all assets and gain hold of your ad performance to target the right audience
Make modifications and measure the outcomes to stay ahead of market trends
Get benefits from discussions with certified and experienced consultants fortnightly
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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers

Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer support. We can’t imagine working without it.

Ankit Gupta
Fab India

Kartapult's user-friendly interface allows me to quickly navigate through the different features and tools, and the real-time data and insights help me make informed decisions. I can easily see which ads are performing well and which ones need improvement, and Kartapult offers suggestions for optimization that are easy to implement.

Kundan Kumar
Tidy Sleep

As a digital marketer, Kartapult has been a game-changer for me. It's intuitive interface, and robust analytics features have empowered our team to optimize our marketing campaigns like never before. With its wide range of metrics and KPIs, real-time monitoring, and advanced analytics capabilities, we've been able to identify trends and opportunities for optimization. Highly recommended!

Aman Bansal

Kartapult's audience cohorts have been particularly beneficial in helping us analyze and target the right audience pool, which has had a significant impact on improving our brand store's performance. What's more, Kartapult's team of experts is always available to provide guidance and support, ensuring that businesses can maximize their ad performance and achieve their marketing goals.

Amit Gupta
Glam 21

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