How to Get started with International eCommerce Marketing?

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21 Dec 2023
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16 Nov 2023
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An Overview: What is international eCommerce marketing? 

International Marketing is taking a central stage transforming the global landscape and driving businesses to the pinnacle of success. In today's world, many aspects of marketing are evolving and leading to the expansion of unparalleled opportunities. This is not only it, as the market is changing multiple approaches and strategies are catering to the needs of different markets. Business expansion is also bringing in international territory to flourish and acing speedily towards marketing products globally. Yes, we need to start shifting the focus of our business to where economies will run parallel to globalization.

Growing Business Overseas: 

  • Begin with the operations process: Minimize the expenses by cutting down on unnecessary resources such as personnel and finances for global marketing. Be sure the employees have experience, as it will help you boost your business and increase sales. Decide on a specific budget and work according to it.

  • Analyze the requirements of the product's demand and supply: Take a tour to understand the customer's search with the help of Google Insights. Focus on the latest trends and set your target audience with specific countries to understand the preferences of the product.

  • Keep an eye on the competitive areas: As technology is developing, adapt to the updated trends and highlight e-commerce trends to compete with traditional retailers and establish a presence early.

  •  Analyze the scope of expansion: Focus on the areas where you can expand your business whether it requires attention through the website or the physical locations.

International eCommerce Marketing means utilizing different digital platforms, market research, and advertising. Local consumer behaviour needs to optimize websites and aim to make seamless interactions. Not only this, introducing and exploring the transformative side of International e-Commerce businesses to evolve and effectively move towards making business profits across international trading zones. The blog talks about the power of International e-commerce Marketing. 

International Campaigns talks about your products globally. It means marketing your products globally and connecting people across the world with your business. This is also fulfilling the demands of the customers. It's not just branding our business but also taking beliefs, cultural practices, languages, and food to the wide spectrum of uplifted marketing. 

What do you mean by global e-commerce marketing?

Global e-commerce marketing is considered the selling of services or products online in foreign countries to consumers across geopolitical borders.

What is the role of e-commerce in global marketing?

The role of e-commerce in global marketing is to boost business through the Internet by selling its products or services to consumers who reside in foreign countries. 

Shed light on global e-commerce.

Businesses that deal with the overall world beyond their own country by selling their products or services fall under the category of global e-commerce.

Features of International Marketing:

 Know the scope for international marketing as business comes in sync with the scope of international marketing. Many activities like packaging and branding or research are looked for as per the needs of foreign audiences.

International marketing focuses on trade and how foreign exchange plays a major role inside the domestic borders. The inflow of foreign exchange is a good sign for the economy to flourish.

Good research tells about the country and as it is a long-term process, these businesses must involve enough time and cost.

To do your business, International Marketing has a wide variety of markets for the business. They are effectively using international marketing to grow their business and are also globally recognised.

Scope of International Marketing:

The markets of Global e-commerce are rapidly growing and diversifying the expansion of business across borders. Nowadays, economies are connecting and cooperating better to achieve their economic goals and ensure that products reach the global markets.  International marketing has a vast scope when it comes to expansion. The borders are widespread encompassing strategic planning, distribution of products, and promotion. Businesses explore the various diverse markets. International Marketing has involvement with market research, brand positioning, and product localisation. Markets want to evolve and bring a canvas for innovation, sensitivity, and strategic prowess. 

Key challenges:

Some of the steps are listed below to overcome major challenges while starting with the process of international marketing: 

 1. Know the territory to expand the business:

As per the brand's preference and budget, select the best-suited geography. E.g. UAE, United States, etc.

2. Strategise Pricing: 

It is very important to regulate pricing as customers in other countries have different purchasing power and the price needs to be controlled because the total cost incurred on international shipping and marketing brings profits and no losses. Also, keep in check the offers discounts.

3. Use of the same or different website- which is better?

If the currency converter is not allowing you to set different prices in different areas then ensure you get a new website and start campaigns in the international markets. 

4. Smooth International Shipping:

International shipping companies are well Known in India and the items are delivered overseas. However, deliveries to other countries should be specified in advance with high value for clients.

5. Payment methods:

It becomes very important to select the best payment methods while going international and payment gateways like Paypal/ Razorpay are highly trusted or recommended for international transactions. 

6. Best Advertising Platform to begin:

Always make sure to start with both Facebook and Google Campaigns to bring both customers and audiences from the international territory. These running ads will drive good sales in the international marketing channels.

7. Catalog, Ad Account and Pixel requirements for International Marketing: 

There is a separate catalogue that is needed for the new geography mentioned in the local currency and the same ads account shall be used for different geographies. Facebook allows only one pixel per site and needs the same pixel. 

8. Minimum budget required: 

Budget plays a very important in the international market and a minimum of Rs. 300,000 per month for geography to make sure that the amount spent is relevant.

9. Awaiting results: 

It takes at least 4 weeks for any campaign to result. A better performance will take 3 months or more. Hence just be patient and go a long way. 

10. What else needs to be done apart from international advertising?

Regularly posting on social media and keeping in check will bring quality and engagement to regular posts. Influencing marketing will help immensely when the territory is newly found.

11. Know about international marketing policies:

It is very important to make a note that each country has unique and different policies ensuring global e-commerce. So it becomes important to agree to these policies and expand business.

Shopping cycle

Implementing Kartapult's Effective Marketing Services:

Boost your E-commerce with unique services.

  1. Target precision:  By targeting the right audience, it is very important to use industry-specific and funnel-specific cohorts.

    Target precision
  2. End-to-end solution: Right from automation to optimization Kartapult’s managed services cover everything right for you.

  3. Budget adjustment: Your ad budget requires strategic bidding and budget allocation, improving ROI and cost-effectiveness.

  4. Asset Management: It's important to pause under-pausing assets and revive the ones that delayed revenue attribution.

    Asset Management
  5. Reports: To look at the performance of your measuring the success of campaigns is essential.



In the realm of International Marketing, there are several doors opened related to business expansion leading to growing your business online. So to reach diverse complexities audiences need to cross borders and follow strategic guidance. 

Kartapult helps in boosting performance marketing to help a business know about E-commerce automation and insightful reports. We have a system that is user-friendly and optimises or scales up Ad campaigns by allowing reach the target audiences with less effort and extracting much profits.

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10 Oct 2023