Prepare Holiday Season E-commerce Advertising with Automated Tool: Kartapult

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Published on
10 Oct 2023
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Published on
10 Oct 2023
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Prepare Holiday Season E-commerce Advertising with Automated Tool

Want to increase your sales this holiday season without any pressure?

Then this blog is for you!

The holiday season is a golden opportunity for E-commerce businesses to boost their sales and attract new customers. However, with increasing competition, the pressure to reach the targeted audience during the holidays can be high.

In this blog, we will guide you on creating the perfect advertising campaigns and automating them with the ultimate E-commerce advertising tool, Kartapult, to reach and engage targeted audiences and get high sales this season.

Pro Tip- Preparation for your holiday sales should start a month before the launch of your campaign.


Review Previous Holiday Season Data

Begin by analysing the data from previous holiday seasons. Identify trends, high-performing campaigns, and areas that need improvement.

It doesn't matter if you have a small business, a medium business, or a large one. Your efficiency and accuracy are a must when it comes to gaining holiday sales. And manually handling this task can consume a lot of time and slow your efficiency.

Integrate your social pages and online store with Kartapult to dig deep into your historical data and get insights in just a few clicks.

Already a user? All you need to do is go to your Panel and Click on ‘Smart Reports’. You will get several options for the report; click on Offer Analysis Report to identify the top-performing offers from your historical data.

Note: There might be many campaigns that you have run in the past year. There is no need to study all the Ad campaigns. Create Tags on specific ads that you want to study and compare to create a new strategy.

Validate Your Catalogue

Now that you are well-aware of the last year’s data, you know your pitfalls and the areas you can work on. 


The first thing that you need to do is make sure that products are correctly categorised. Proper categorization can enhance the user experience and make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for.

Check the availability of products in your catalogue and ensure that your inventory counts are accurate. This will help you avoid last moment chaos and prevent overselling and customer disappointment.

Verify that the pricing is consistent and displayed in the correct currency. Ensure that any discounts or promotions are applied accurately.

Pro Tip- We would recommend not making any last-minute changes.

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Setup Accurate Pixel

Check the following beforehand-

Facebook Pixel: If you're setting up a Facebook Pixel, ensure that it's correctly integrated into your website. Test its functionality to confirm that it's tracking events such as page views, purchases, and add-to-cart actions accurately.

Google Analytics: If you're using Google Analytics, verify that the tracking code is correctly implemented on your website. Test different types of events to ensure that they're being recorded properly.

Testing Environment: Create a testing environment where you can perform various actions on your website to ensure that all the tracking pixels are working as intended. This can help you identify and fix any issues before your go-live date.

Pro Tip- Ensure that you start the catalogue validation and pixel setup process at least 7-14 days before the go-live date. This gives you ample time to identify and address any issues that might arise.

If you are working with Kartapult, you can rest easy for pixel setup as its auto fetch features avoid any errors that could arise while creating ads optimized for particular events.

Create a Compelling Ad Campaign

Remember that this is a high competition period; no matter which platform you choose, either Facebook or Google, or both, ensure proper campaign setup.

Ad Format and Content

  • Design attention-grabbing Google and Facebook automated Ads with Kartapult that resonate around the festive season sale and align them with the brand's message using Ad Text generator to generate high engaging content that could help you connect with your target audience
  • Use Kartapult Smart Reports- Creative Analysis, to check the top-performing ad creatives and save time, or prepare multiple variations of your ads and test which ones resonate better with your audience to increase your ad performance
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  • Use high-quality images, compelling copy, and relevant call-to-action buttons
  • Plan on creating announcement creatives to make people aware of your upcoming sales and familiarise them with your brand

Pro Tip- Ensure that your ad creatives are optimised for mobile devices, as a significant portion of users will be accessing your ads from smartphones and tablets

Campaign Configuration

Campaign setup is a critical aspect of achieving optimal results in online advertising. When configuring your campaigns, it's essential to leverage strategies that allow platforms like Facebook to deliver your ads effectively. Here are key approaches to consider:

  • Leveraging Automatic Placements: By selecting multiple placements across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google, you give the algorithm the flexibility to place your ads where they are most likely to perform well.
  • Going Broad with Audiences: Instead of hyper-segmenting your target audience, consider a broader approach. Use Kartapult Audience Launcher to target a pre-defined and tested audience pool. This allows the algorithm of social channels to reach new as well as the most receptive users. 
  • Leveraging Lookalike Audiences: Lookalike audiences allow you to target users similar to your existing customers, increasing the chances of capturing valuable leads. Kartapult Audience Launcher helps you target ‘Lookalike cohorts’ highly specific to your business so that your campaign reach increases by up to 20%. 
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  • Running Regular Conversion Campaigns: Running regular conversion campaigns with ‘Stop Loss Strategy’ alongside Dynamic Ad campaigns can provide a boost in delivery and scalability. While Dynamic Ads rely on catalogue data, regular conversion campaigns allow you to target specific actions and behaviours, expanding your reach and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Smart Budget Strategies

  • Save time on manual budget management with Kartapult’s smart budget allocator and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns with real-time optimisation

Ad Scheduling

  • For Ad scheduling, decide on the optimal times of day and days of the week for your ads to be displayed with Kartapult’s Ads Manager. This can help you reach your target audience when they're most active without manual effort.
  • Use Stop loss strategy and the Revive strategy to automate the spending of your ads- pause the ads when they are underperforming and resume the spending on ads that are performing well. This will help you reach the audience when there is high traffic without continuous surveillance and overspending.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Monitor your campaigns' performance without logging in with Kartapult's WhatsApp Reports, which are auto generated every day at 10 a.m. and shared on your registered mobile number. Before planning anything new, dig into the reports to see the progress of your Ads hassle-free.

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  • Track key metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and ROAS to quickly identify any issues or underperforming ads
  • Monitor your budgets and adjust them if necessary based on the performance of your campaigns. Prevent overspending on ads that are not delivering results

Adapting in Real Time

The holiday season is dynamic, and consumer behaviour can change rapidly. The high flexibility of Kartapult with Smart Budget Allocator allows you to optimise your ad budget in one click and adapt your strategies in real-time based on emerging trends, ensuring your ads remain relevant and effective.


Preparing for the holiday season's advertising onslaught requires careful planning, precise execution, and the right tools. Kartapult, automated Ads software offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your efforts, optimise your campaigns, and maximise your holiday season success. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you'll be well-equipped to leverage Kartapult's capabilities and achieve exceptional results during the most wonderful time of the year for businesses

Note: We provide live chat assistance! If you need assistance, don't be afraid to contact us.

Written by
Published on
10 Oct 2023