Boosting Carlton London

Learn how Carlton London reached the target audience and increased revenue by 6x


Our client is a prominent UK-based brand that is renowned for trendy workwear catering to fashion-conscious individuals. The brand's signature collections showcase luxurious and sophisticated court shoes that capture each season's key styles. Beyond footwear, they also encompass a diverse accessory range, including handbags, wallets, and belts for both men and women. It ventured into India in 2003, and, despite tough competition, it remains at the forefront of high-street fashion with evolving designs and collections that promise a stylish future.

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Navigating the vast and dynamic market of India poses intricacies. From regional preferences to varying economic landscapes, Carlton London needed to expand its customer base to increase its profits and sales. Staying ahead of the curve required

  • Selecting the right channel for the campaign
  • Targeting niche-specific audience
  • Increasing overall CVR 
  • Optimising the performance of the account


Not all channels give high-end results when it comes to running a campaign. Kartapult offers a consolidated platform that delivers invaluable insights into the performance of various marketing channels. This comprehensive data hub enabled Carlton London to pinpoint which specific channels were generating the highest sales, leading to informed decisions for the campaigns. We were able to find an optimum split of spending between our advertising   which helped us push our revenue channels

service overview

Using the dashboard of Kartapult, we were able to get insights on what is working for us at various marketing levels, which helped us streamline our spending on profitable arenas only.

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In Carlton London, the late attribution issue was very prominent. At times, we used to see that we wasted our spending on non-performing assets, and hence there was inconsistency in the performance of the campaigns. The Kartapult Automation feature helped in bringing consistency in performance and lessening the issues coming from delayed attribution. With Kartapult’s Stop Loss and Revive, we could reallocate the budget to performing assets.


This helped push those assets, which are showing good ROI. Also, the revive tool helped in resuming the assets that were attributed and showed performance on par with the benchmark.


Overall, Kartapult Automation increased its revenue by 6x and its conversion rate by 8x in 4 months.

  • Revenue increased 6x
  • ROAS 2.6x
  • Conversion rate increased by 8x
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Published on
10 Oct 2023