Branding Tidysleep 

Learn how a baby nursery essential brand scaled its revenue 3x and increased ROAS by 1.5x.


Having a new-born baby at home is always exciting, but it is scary at the same time. From bedding to clothing, hygiene becomes paramount. Our client is a brand started by a mother who learned that taking care of a child requires making so many health and safety decisions. The brand is dedicated to providing everything that a mother needs to create the perfect space for her child. They understand the significance of creating a comfortable and nurturing environment for newborns and thus provide everyday baby nursery essentials for a joyous and stress-free parenthood experience. 

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Identifying the ideal audience for baby nursery essentials was a difficult task for the brand. The product had broad as well as niche specific demand, and reaching the right customer base required a strategy. They needed to: 

  • Broaden the audience for scaling up of the account
  • Manage and optimise budget to enhance TOF audience
  • Consistently monitor the account to meet instant requirements


Kartapult provided us a plethora of features to scale and optimise the performance of the account. The features that helped us the most in branding and enhancing performance are:

  • Kartapult Audience Launcher offered a proven audience base for effective targeting of both broad and niche product-based audiences. Its flexibility allowed inclusion and exclusion of specific audience sets, with the option to narrow down by engaged shoppers.
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  • This simplified the process of launching new adsets, including catalog-synced ads, to boost conversion rates.
  • Kartapult Automation strategies came in handy when it came to scaling the account and optimising its performance. Using stop-loss & revive strategies and smart budget allocator, we diverted the spending from non-performing assets to performing ones. With these automation strategies running, the account manager found time to focus on other tasks for scaling the account and reaching the targets.
  • ROAS
  • Platform analysis and performance analysis reports were constantly observed for tweaking numbers. We were able to keep a constant track of spending and revenue distribution across Facebook and Google. With the actionable insights from the report, we were also able to take instant decisions on channelling the funds from Facebook to Google and vice versa.
  • Platform Analysis Dashboard
  • Also, the shopping analysis report helped us know the customer journey and drops happening at multiple points, letting us focus on areas that were important.
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Tidysleep witnessed an increase in revenue with the automation strategies of Kartaput. 

  • Revenue increased by 3X
  • ROAS scaled to 1.5X
  • A2C accelerated to 3.6X
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Published on
10 Oct 2023