Unlock Your Business Full Potential With Kartapult's New Year Sale!

Looking to supercharge your business growth this new year? Kartapult's Marketing Automation Tool has got you covered. With our new year offer, you can now harness the power of performance marketing like never before, without breaking the bank!
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Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with Kartapult's Festive Season Offer!

Looking to supercharge your business growth this festive season? Kartapult's Marketing Automation Tool has got you covered. With our limited-time offer, you can now harness the power of performance marketing like never before, without breaking the bank!
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Unleash the Power of Kartapult - All-in-One Marketing Solutions


Ads Manager
Ad Set Storyline


Keyword Manager
Search Term Manager
Ads Manager




Platform Analysis
FB Funnel Analysis
FB Campaign Analysis
FB Adset Analysis
FB Creative Analysis
FB Offer Analysis
Google Channel Analysis
Google Campaign Analysis
Whatsapp Reporting
Target vs Achieved
Shopping Funnel Analysis


Stop Loss Strategy
Revive Strategy
Smart Budget Allocator
Audience Bank
Industry Specific Audience
Retargeting Audience
Retention Audience
Lookalike Audience
Bid Strategy

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First campaign setup support and media planning

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Get access to all advanced features of kartapult

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Don't miss this opportunity to maximize your revenue!

Why Kartapult? Here's why businesses prefer us:

Effortless E-Commerce Automation

Kartapult simplifies your online advertising efforts. Our user-friendly system streamlines the management of your Meta and Google Ads campaigns so that you can reach your target audience effortlessly.

Enhance Social Media Advertising

With Kartapult, you can effectively manage your Facebook and Instagram E-commerce ads. Automate, analyze and optimize your campaigns with AI recommendations for maximum sales and ROI.

Scale Google Ads

Kartapult's data-centric optimization helps you beat the competition. Streamline your Google Ad campaigns, track key performance indicators in real time, and elevate your business growth.
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How Kartapult Accelerates Your Business


Kartapult saves you time, effort, and money by automating the entire ad management process, including targeting and budget optimization.


Our advanced AI algorithms provide real-time insights to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.


Kartapult gathers data from various platforms to create smart reports that help you understand and analyze your data effectively.


You can easily manage and create your ad campaigns from one single platform.
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499 for 3 months

Accelerate Your Business With Kartapult

Kartapult is a top digital marketing automation tool that revolutionizes digital marketing for businesses struggling to get sales online. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to help businesses create all types of AI Ads and target funnel-specific audience cohorts with Audience Launcher. You can automatically adjust your budgets with our Smart Budget Allocator and get recommendations on your overall bid strategy at the funnel and channel levels. Use ROAS Analysis from our unified dashboard to manage and analyze ad performance across channels and precisely optimize your ad campaigns.

Hear it from our customers

"Kartapult's user-friendly interface allows me to quickly navigate through the different features and tools, and the real-time data and insights help me make informed decisions. I can easily see which ads are performing well and which ones need improvement, and Kartapult offers suggestions for optimization that are easy to implement."

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Kundan Kumar

Tidy Sleep

"As a digital marketer, Kartapult has been a game-changer for me. It's intuitive interface, and robust analytics features have empowered our team to optimize our marketing campaigns like never before. With its wide range of metrics and KPIs, real-time monitoring, and advanced analytics capabilities, we've been able to identify trends and opportunities for optimization. Highly recommended!"

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Aman Bansal


"Kartapult's audience cohorts have been particularly beneficial in helping us analyze and target the right audience pool, which has had a significant impact on improving our brand store's performance. What's more, Kartapult's team of experts is always available to provide guidance and support, ensuring that businesses can maximize their ad performance and achieve their marketing goals."

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Amit Gupta

Glam 21
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