Maximizing Trykiya's Revenue

Learn how Trykiya's Revenue grew 5x and conversion rate 100% in 2 months


TryKiya started in the middle of the global pandemic with the experimental soul of two best friends. They created a new age sampling platform that provides the latest launches from the top brands to customers. The unique digital platform of our client enables consumers to discover and sample highly innovative beauty and self-care products from various brands, encouraging them to be adventurous in their shopping choices from the comfort of their homes.



Beauty and hygiene products are mostly tried and tested in offline stores. People have been doing this for years. E-commerce stores providing samples of various products from different categories like beauty, cosmetics, health, hygiene, etc. is very new, and people are unaware of it. So being a new company, it needed to

  • Find the right niche for the target audience
  • Reach an audience willing to try different brand products
  • Enhance the awareness of its online platform


Used Kartapult smart reports to find the right audience, create campaigns, and dynamically change marketing strategies

Understanding which creative is clicking with the audience with Kartapult Creative Analysis

Effective creatives play a pivotal role in advertising, as they are instrumental in grabbing the attention of the intended audience and successfully communicating the desired message. Trykiya has experimented with a range of creative approaches in the past to promote its offerings. However, rather than diversifying posts and expending resources on A/B testing, a more prudent approach is to focus on those that have proven to make a substantial impact on the audience.

Ad Preview

In the past, delving into the intricacies of each campaign one at a time was a laborious and repetitive task. Thankfully, with the introduction of Kartapult, this process got streamlined with a single click, and we were able to analyze the top-performing creative format.

We were also able to preview the creatives that worked better than others. It gave us a clear understanding of our new campaign. 

Understanding audience preference for products and offers

To check which offers work better for Trykiya, we used the offer analysis report from Kartapult. It pulled all the last data from the Trykiya ad campaigns, helping us to know the offer that people preferred the most.

Offer Analysis Dashboard

With the offer analysis, we found that combo-level offers worked better than individual product categories.

Funnel Analysis helped track the customer journey across the website

The funnel analysis report from Kartapult helped us find the pockets of drops, and we were able to implement changes looping feedback, leading to optimization of the account. The drop happening at the Add to Cart level was reduced significantly after pushing appealing offers on the product page. This increased the conversion rate, and the drop happening at later levels decreased significantly.

Performance abd Shopping Funnel Analysis Dashboard


The onboarding of Trykiya on Kartapult helped increase revenue by 430%.

  • Revenue increased 430%
  • Conversion rate 100%
  • ROAS 50%
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Published on
10 Oct 2023