How to leverage festivals in 2024 to grow your online sales from Instagram and Facebook

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22 Mar 2024
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30 Oct 2023
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Wondering about the audience on AdTargeting? So, let me make you aware that you’re surfing on the correct platform. Kartapult is the right platform when you are scrolling for the facts about your targeting ads.

It has recently been noticed that the interest that audiences hold at the time of "Festivals" is almost 16,580,000. When you wonder about expanding your business through Facebook or Instagram ads, it is the right choice to proceed further, as "Festivals" ads have many potential audiences.

But what needs to be kept in mind is planning and how to target the audience. Let us help you out.

Which platform should I prefer for digital market

If we grab a quick look at the above data, we can easily focus on the percentage of men who accounted for the audience at 59%, whereas women accounted for 41%. The target audience captured is in the age group of 18–50 years.

Other than this, Kartapult also helps you with the other beneficiary tools, where you can easily look at the report for the "Festivals" ad audience and analyze your data.

Also, Kartapult helps you with its Audience Launcher tool, where you can easily choose the audience cohorts of your choice from the provided categories in the tool.

Set Smart Campaign Goals

While creating an ad to target the audience, you need to remember certain points, like:


From the date provided above, we can easily set the age, as the table itself explains the attention that needs to be drawn for the age group of 18–50 years.


Men and women are both interested in this; however, men seem to be more keen, as it holds 59% interest amongst women.

Relationship Status:

The majority of people interested in "Festivals" are mostly unmarried or single, as per the facts.


The background that can be overlooked is the recently graduated.

Job Title:

The people interested in "festivals" are mostly the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners.


People residing in India are more enthusiastic about this and share their love for "festivals."

It seems to be an easygoing task, but is it really? Running ads on multiple platforms can really be a task, but we can make it easy for you only if you have access to the audience launcher. We do want the clients to feel at ease by freeing them from their burden. 

Adding to that, Kartapult also helps you easily run all your ads on a single platform.

Yes, you read that correctly! Also, if you wish to automate and be relaxed about the same, you can easily avail of the Kartapault Platform, as it monitors all your requirements and needs and provides you with a complete package to run, monitor, analyze, optimize, automate, and manage all at once. 

Apart from this, if you are willing to grab the exact information for your target audience, Kartapult can help you with it as per your requirements by managing it all by itself.

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10 Oct 2023