Reasons Why Your Brand Should Advertise On Facebook

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16 Jan 2024
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16 Nov 2023
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Reasons Why Your Brand Should Advertise On Facebook

Facebook is essential for brands that are seeking resonance and reach. This platform has an extensive user base and it makes sure that visibility also empowers businesses to engage with the audience. Facebook ads act like a bridge between brands and consumers. It fosters awareness and advertising on Facebook emerges as the best way for brands to resonate and grow.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook ads offer robust analytics to your brand and empower the business to grow more with real-time insights and strategies. It is interesting to know that Facebook can make brands appear authentic and help audiences resonate well by delivering good returns on investment. This is achieved by ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability. So to elevate your brand's essence through the ethereal realm of Facebook advertising we need to focus on the various benefits of Facebook Ads for business. 

This blog will help you know about the “ Reasons Why Your Brand Should Advertise On Facebook “ by giving insights on the strategies needed to elevate your business to new heights.

Reasons why brands should advertise on Facebook

  1. Catering to a massive audience

    There are more than 3 billion active users and Facebook gives access to a huge audience by providing greater access to digital ads by making them more likely to audience. So Facebook allows people to connect easily.

  2. Target audience as per demographics

    Facebook advertising have the ability to target your ads as per specific demographics that are shown to people according to age, gender, location, interests, and language. This will help in spreading messages easily to the targeted audience and also assist them with better customisation audience as per specific criteria like people visiting the website or engaged with your social media profiles.

  3. Generate more website traffic and leads

    The Ad campaigns are set up in the Ad's manager and reviewed by FB. Once it goes live we can generate more traffic and leads. Running ads on Facebook can become a powerful lead-generation tool and allow to access potential customers.

  4. Ease in affordability and low cost

    Facebook advertising extends an unparalleled brand reach that is easily affordable. Its inexpensive design allows different brands to reach a wider audience, making digital advertising a more convenient and effective option.

  5. Ads boost social media engagement

    With the help of Facebook ads, it becomes easy to increase engagement on social media profiles. This will gain more likes, comments, followers, and shares.

  6. Enhance Search engine optimization results

    Increase your brand’s online visibility through enhanced search engine optimization (SEO), which is a key to successful Facebook advertising. Optimize website content, fix keywords, and have a seamless user experience. Strengthening your digital platforms makes your brand more visible, and enhances effective and targeted “ Facebook ad campaigns."

  7. Develop an Email list from your audience

    Facebook Ads is capable of generating all sorts of leverageable data so by using Facebook Pixel, which is a piece of code for your website one can measure, optimize and build more audience. This will assemble customer emails attached to each user's account. It can also gather new ad recipients.

  8. Generating more offline sales traffic

    Facebook advertising drives more foot traffic and soars in-store sales with the use of geo-targeting, which implies using marketing tactics and geographical locations that is derived from a user's IP address. DMA targeting is also done on Facebook and is known for accessing a geographical location that serves the city or neighbourhood.

  9. Essential for Crowdfunding Campaigns

    Crowdfunding has come to the front of the public eye and is an alternative to traditional E-commerce methods. Many sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon can easily give the benefits of advertising strategies executed on social media. These sites also generate a many of browsing traffic daily and social ads on Facebook.

  10. Generating E-commerce sales

    Facebook is a social space where you can get away and help with listings and shopping. It also makes it one of the best places to show e-commerce ads and bring more online sales.

  11. A good platform for remarketing

    Facebook has a tracking pixel and it travels around with users from the platform and links with their online geographical activity using their Facebook account. It results in Facebook assembling the tertiary data and then building audiences for users on Facebook.

  12. Different ad types for your business needs

    Facebook offers several ad formats to choose from, each designed to cater to different advertising goals and audience preferences. There are many Facebook offers to choose from in FB business advertising and each is designed to cater for the different needs of advertising goals. One can choose from different FB business advertising. This includes photos, videos, stories, messenger, carousel, slideshow, collections, etc. These ad types cater to better branding and give marketers the ability to make visual, creative graphic style ads.

  13. Strengthening B2B brand relationships

    There are many platforms like LinkedIn that serve better to business professionals and connect them virtually. 87.8% of LinkedIn users are on Facebook and they provide many benefits of running Facebook Ads for B2B marketing and also offer numerous other benefits. 

  14. Calculate your success

    Facebook gives you the chance to measure how your ads are performing. It can give you insights, metrics, and tools. So it becomes very easy to understand the effectiveness of your ads using Facebook's Ads Measurement tools. These tools are Facebook ROI tools, ad analysis tools, and ad reporting tools.

  15. Facebook works fast

    Facebook works efficiently in maintaining social media sites as an advertising platform and it is quick in making the advertising features available. By using Facebook's business help centre, one can get important information and tips to use advertising products. Also, Facebook Blueprint is a way to give your ad courses scope for improvising your ads.

Advertising on Facebook is not just a marketing strategy but is also so dynamic that it has a vast audience reach with targeted precision and returns but there are  certain cons of Facebook advertising.

In contrast, while Facebook's advertising platform offers a dynamic and expansive reach, Kartapult takes a different approach by providing marketers and brands with powerful marketing automation software. While Facebook emphasizes the availability of advertising features and the vast audience reach, Kartapult focuses on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of ad management through comprehensive analysis, optimization, and automation tools.

Kartapult is a powerful marketing automation software designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of marketers and brands to achieve better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). It provides a range of features that empower businesses to analyze, optimize, and automate their ad management journey so that they can focus on reaching results faster and maximize revenue.

Kartapult’s all-in-one solution provides many smart features around automation and intelligence to help you manage ad campaigns from a single platform, catering to all the challenges you face on Facebook and Google advertising platforms.  

  • Create effective Ad, Ad set, and Campaigns

  • Optimize and scale ad campaigns

  • Smartly manage budget

  • Create tactics to minimize loss

  • Insightful recommendations

  • Automated reporting

Kartapult Facebook Dashboard

With Kartapult’s Facebook Dashboard, you can

  • Gain insights into your current performance and desired outcomes

  • Understand marketing funnel performance for strategic adjustments

  • Observe your entire funnel from acquisition to retention

  • Allocate budget across funnel stages based on performance

  • Automate performance reports, receiving them in your inbox

  • Analyze performance at a glance upon dashboard entry

  • Refine strategies for achieving desired results

The Kartapult Facebook Dashboard gives you a comprehensive picture of your account performance and in-depth insights into your spending, revenue, ROAS, and other important metrics. Consider the dashboard to be your advertising capsule for you where you can quickly learn more or delve deeper into specific areas of Facebook campaigns 

Kartapult Facebook Ads Manager

With Kartapult’s Facebook Ads Manager, you can

  • Create effective ads, ad sets, and campaigns

  • Centralize ad assets for streamlined management

  • Filter assets by performance, spotting scalable and overspending elements

  • Implement changes across multiple assets simultaneously

  • Analyze performance for campaigns, ad sets, and ads within one view

  • Manage assets within the tool, seamlessly linking to Kartapult's other functions

  • Identify winning assets and cost-effective strategies to make informed decisions

Kartapult Facebook Ad Set Storyline

With Kartapult’s Facebook Ad Set Storyline, you can

  • Gain in-depth audience insights and track Ad Set modifications over time

  • View the direct influence of changes on overall performance

  • Easily assess and compare Ad Set performance against funnel benchmarks

  • Recognize resonating strategies and optimize campaigns

  • Identify underperformance periods for strategic improvements

  • Modify, monitor, and compare Ad Sets' impact on overall performance

Kartapult also provides a special view on Adset called Ad Set Storyline. An Ad Set Storyline is a visual representation of the history of actions taken on a specific Ad Set, allowing you to analyze its performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize your ad campaigns.

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10 Oct 2023